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San Francisco
Arts & Culture

San Francisco is a city of inspiration. You can see it all around you, in whichever neighborhoods you visit.

Festival attendees dance at the Portola Music Festival

San Francisco's art scene is vibrant and dynamic, with a rich history of artistic tradition, from murals to cutting edge performing arts. Today, the city is home to a thriving community of artists who work in a wide range of media, from painting and sculpture to video and performance art. In its energy, its diversity, and its creativity, San Francisco’s art scene embodies all the best of the City by the Bay.


Close-up view of the marquee of the Roxie Theater in the Mission District, San Francisco, CA.

Your Guide to San Francisco Film Festivals

We may be 400 miles north of Hollywood, but San Francisco has its own exciting, creative, and diverse film culture. Find out which film festivals will be screening during your next stay.

Lights! Camera! Action!
Picnickers sit on the grass at Alamo Square Park with the Painted Ladies and San Francisco skyline in the background.

San Francisco On Screen

San Francisco has been the setting of some very popular film and television shows, and many were shot on location around the city. Find out how you can visit the locations of some of your favorites during your next trip.

Feel Like A Movie Star

The Exploratorium

Described as a mad scientist's penny arcade, a scientific funhouse, and an experimental laboratory all rolled into one, the Exploratorium is regarded as the world’s foremost interactive science museum. With more than 650 hands-on exhibits that ignite curiosity and transform the way people learn, visitors of all ages can play, observe, and discover.

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The home for modern and contemporary art in San Francisco, and the first of its kind on the west coast, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art showcases boundary-breaking works in painting, sculpture, and photography. Explore all seven stories of the building, which is itself a piece of architectural wonder. Book your tickets ahead of time. 

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Dancer in the Carnaval celebration

Explore San Francisco's Cultural Districts

San Francisco leads the way in preserving the character, community, and history of its neighborhoods. Visit our city's Cultural Districts and be part of an authentic local experience.

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