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Union Square

When the going gets tough, tough go shopping in Union Square. 事实上, in a town with abundant citywide shopping, Union Square is the most renowned source of 零售 therapy.

Union Square during the daytime
Union Square lies in the heart of San 弗朗西斯co surrounded by tons of shopping, galleries 和 food.

In a town full of great shopping, Union Square is the neighborhood with the most abundant 零售 therapy, not to mention fine hotels, great meals 和 green spaces to sit outside 和 enjoy San 弗朗西斯co’s temperate climate.

Virtually every name br和 in fashion is on or near the 2.6-acre square, a l和mark park in the heart of the downtown shopping 和 hotel district.

的 Gr和 Hyatt 和 Taj Campton Place hotels are just off the square on the Stockton Street side, along with a cluster of upscale boutiques. On the Powell Street side, Westin St. 弗朗西斯 Hotel holds pride of place.

Nearby Union Square is San 弗朗西斯co's 的ater District, where you can find the Marines' Memorial 的atre, 和 A.C.T.’s Toni Rembe 的ater (formerly the Geary 的ater). 

Shoppers walk through San 弗朗西斯co's Union Square.

Luxury Retail 购物 in Union Square

的 world's top br和s, as well as some only-in-San 弗朗西斯co specialty stores, can be found in Union Square. Buy a souvenir of your time in the city that you'll treasure forever.

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25 Must-吃 Restaurants in San 弗朗西斯co's Union Square

Find a fantastic place to eat in one of San 弗朗西斯co’s most popular neighborhoods.

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